Having lapsed into a days-long torpor where it lazed about the house, not attaching itself to any projects, Sam Raimi’s name got back to what it does best today, emerging from its hiatus looking tan, rested, and with its arm around something called EDF, which stands for Earth Defense Force. Vulture reports that Raimi and District 9 producer Bill Block are currently developing the sci-fi actioner over at Warner Bros., although it’s likely that Raimi won’t direct. (He likes to keep his options open, you know.) Vulture also grabbed an early look at the script—which it calls a blend of “Top Gun with Independence Day and add a pinch of The Last Starfighter”—about world military leaders who join forces to create new kick-ass aircraft and even more kick-ass weapons to fight off an imminent alien invasion, something that is apparently on everyone’s mind these days. Man, how conceited is the Earth?