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Sam Raimi might be directing a movie about the Bermuda Triangle

(Photo: Getty Images For Starz, Michael Kovac)

According to Variety, Sam Raimi is “in talks” to “possibly direct” an untitled mystery thriller about the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious patch of ocean in the Caribbean where regular ship and airplane disappearances are thrillingly embellished or fabricated. No plot details have been announced, so all we know is that it will have something to do with the Bermuda Triangle, but that and Raimi’s involvement are enough to make this seem interesting already. No studio is currently attached, but production company Skydance has been developing this project since 2013. Also, Variety notes that Universal and Warner Bros. both have their own separate Bermuda Triangle films in development, so it seems like this little chunk of the planet is this year’s Robin Hood or Frankenstein—as in, it’s the thing everybody’s making a movie about.


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