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Sam Raimi, lifeforce rapidly draining, finds a fresh project to sustain him in anime adaptation

Sam Raimi’s rapacious absorption of new projects to put his name on has reached the shores of Japan, where his tentacles broke the roiling surf of the Pacific Ocean and slowly twisted their way around the popular anime TV series Noir. Raimi plans to adapt Noir with his longtime enabler Rob Tapert as a live-action show for Starz, where they also produce Spartacus: Blood And Sam Raimi. The U.S. remake of Noir will similarly concern two ass-kicking female secret operatives who work in the criminal underworld, who, when they discover that they are mysteriously linked, are forced to work together to figure out how and why—other than both being sexy ass-kicking female secret operatives, of course, because as film and TV have told us, there are obviously thousands of those in the world. In fact, our cousin majored in that for a while before she realized it required a criminology minor, so she switched to pre-dental. She’s doing great now, found a good internship. Thanks for asking.


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