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Sam Raimi is returning to horror, but only as a producer

Photo: Ian Gavan (Getty Images)

Sam Raimi was a cool and exciting horror director at one point, but the shine started to wear off (that’s a pun you’ll get later) somewhere around 2007 when he made that bad Spider-Man movie. Drag Me To Hell was fun, but it went off the rails a bit when Alison Lohman killed that very cute cat, and nobody really needs us to bring up Oz The Great And Powerful at all. Raimi hasn’t directed a movie since then, but in recent years he’s been returning to horror as a producer, doing whatever producers do on the Poltergeist remake from a few years ago and 2016's break-in thriller Don’t Breathe.

According to Collider, Raimi is going to continue lending his hand as a producer to horror movies, with him now signing on to produce an adaptation of James Herbert’s Shine for Screen Gems. Beauty And The Beast writer Evan Spiliotopoulos will write and direct, with the story concerning a disgraced journalists who believes his career has been saved when he finds evidence of apparent miracles in a small town. Naturally, with this being a horror story, it eventually turns out that there may be a “darker source” behind the miracles.


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