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Many were skeptical when news broke that Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead was getting a remake. The rumored-but-never-realized Diablo Cody script, the choice of unknown Uruguayan Fede Alvarez to direct—none of it inspired confidence in fans of Raimi’s seminal horror-comedy. But the remake turned out to actually be kind of good (or, at least, not packed with CGI effects and rapid-fire teen-speak as was feared) and we were humbled for a brief moment before going back to complaining about whatever it was we were complaining about in April 2013.

Raimi himself was apparently also pleased with the remake, and although the sequel to the remake may or may not actually happen, Raimi has given his blessing to a new project from Alvarez called A Man In The Dark. In fact, Raimi will serve as a producer on the film under his Ghost House Pictures imprint. The Wrap says that A Man In The Dark is about three teenage criminals caught in a psychopath’s sights while attempting to pull off a robbery that will get them out of the break-in game, proving that you’re never too young for one last heist.


This will be Alvarez’ first feature from an original script, which he wrote with his Evil Dead screenwriting partner Rodo Sayagues. The downside of this situation, however, is that the time Raimi spends on this movie is time he isn’t spending on the Evil Dead TV series.

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