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Sam Raimi is out here talking about Evil Dead again

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It’s been a few months since we heard from Sam Raimi about his optimistic hopes for the future of his Evil Dead series, so let’s check in with Sam Raimi to get some more optimistic hopes for his Evil Dead series! The last time this came up was October, when Raimi cryptically teased that “there’s more Evil Dead coming”—though he neglected to explain whether that means there would be a sequel to the remake, another follow-up like the Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV show, or another unrelated reboot. That was also the same thing he said a few months prior, though at least that time he acknowledged that he might not be able to bring back original star Bruce Campbell.


Now, Raimi is actually offering some concrete information, or at least more concrete than before. As reported by IGN, Raimi revealed in a Reddit AMA that a new Evil Dead movie is in the works with a mysterious unnamed filmmaker taking over as writer and director, but he still hopes to come back and make one himself someday with Campbell. Raimi said the new director is “young and male” (a nice change of pace for Hollywood), and he, Rob Tapert, and Campbell are on board as producers. We still don’t know if it’s a sequel to the remake or another reboot, but it’s at least implied that Campbell won’t be appearing as Ash. Still, as mentioned above, Raimi did note that he’d like to make another Evil Dead if he can convince Campbell to come out of Evil Dead retirement.

So, basically, we’re in pretty much the same spot we were in back in October, but at this rate we might know slightly more about the new Evil Dead by… March? April?

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