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Excitement swirled late Friday evening around rumors that Sam Raimi had been chosen as the director of MGM's Poltergeist remake, reassuring fans that at least the project was in the hands of an equally creative horror veteran who could do Tobe Hooper's original justice, and that it probably would never happen now, as Raimi rivals only Ridley Scott in attaching himself to movies he never actually makes. But never mind on both accounts: The Hollywood Reporter clarifies that Raimi is on board in strictly a producer capacity—though the fact that he's working with his Oz The Great And Powerful screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire, and he will personally oversee the search for a director, no doubt will lead to some asserting that he's actually the one calling the shots, as with Steven Spielberg on the original. And hopefully that will be the only way in which the film's behind-the-scenes history repeats itself, if you know what we mean. (We mean all the deaths.)


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