According to Deadline, beloved actors Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell might have small roles in the movie adaptation of Love May Fail, the next novel from Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick. The two will probably pop up as random guys in the background or maybe they’ll have a line or two, but it will almost certainly not go beyond that. Actually, that Deadline article is entirely about the fact that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is in talks to direct Love May Fail, and it doesn’t even bring up his little brother Ted Raimi or Bruce Campbell. We know that he loves putting those guys in his movies, though, so we wanted to make sure we mentioned it. Besides, it’s a pretty important part of this story. People really love Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Anyway, Love May Fail is about a woman who returns to her hometown to “clear the name of her favorite English teacher” after leaving her cheating husband. Apparently the teacher was involved in some kind of “classroom scandal,” which we assume is code for having an affair with the president while a bunch of kids take a spelling test nearby. If Raimi does sign on to direct the adaptation, it will be his first non-genre movie since at least before the first Spider-Man in 2002. Unless that “classroom scandal” actually involved reading from the Necronomicon, of course.