Neil Cross has signed on to do the screenplay for that Day Of The Triffids remake/adaptation that Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert are co-producing. As previously reported, Raimi says he would love to direct it himself—and we'd love it if he did, if only to increase the likelihood that it would include a cameo by Bruce Campbell as an inexplicably cocky weed exterminator who meets an unfortunate end. Although Cross was recently included in Variety's list of "10 Screenwriters to Watch for 2012", none of his feature film scripts have yet made it to the multiplex. However, he recently contributed to the forthcoming, Jessica Chastain-starring Mama, which Guillermo del Toro produced for director Andrew Muscheietti, as well as del Toro's hotly anticipated homage to big Japanese beasties, Pacific Rim. He’s also a Booker Prize-nominated novelist perhaps best known for his work on the British TV series Luther and Spooks (or as it’s known in the U.S., MI-5),but who—at least since Raimi and Guillermo del Toro got hold of his phone number—has apparently been seized by an uncontrollable urge to write monster movies.