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Sam Raimi confirmed to direct Wizard Of Oz prequel

Disney’s Alice In Wonderland-inspired Wizard Of Oz prequel—the one that may or may not star Robert Downey Jr.—has nailed down director Sam Raimi, who has agreed to helm the newly titled Oz: The Great And Powerful. As it’s been hinted at before, the film will be set in the years before the events of 1939’s The Wizard Of Oz, when a hack magician and “circus wrangler” first found his way to the Emerald City via tornado and accidentally became a guru handing out magical metaphors to anyone who blundered their way into his castle. Downey still hasn’t confirmed—and in fact, he recently laughed off the rumors as “crazy” in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview—but Deadline reports that the script will be tailored to his particular Downey Jr.-isms should he agree to sign on. What Raimi’s participation means for his supposedly forthcoming World Of Warcraft film isn’t entirely clear, although both projects are still listed as debuting in 2013 at IMDB.


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