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Sam Raimi and Alexandre Aja team up to fight a house full of alligators

Photo: Chris Graythen (Getty Images)

According to Deadline, horror veterans Alexandre Aja and Sam Raimi are teaming up for Crawl, a movie about a woman who gets trapped in a flooded house during a hurricane and must fight off alligators in order to survive. That means this is a scary house movie, a storm movie, and a woman vs. beast movie, so all it needs is a car chase or a well-choreographed John Wick-style shootout and it could have all of the ingredients for a perfect film. Raimi will produce Crawl, with Aja set to direct from a script he wrote with Shawn and Michael Rasmussen. The Deadline story compares the project to A Quiet Place, which was fast-tracked into development before going on to become a surprise hit, so Paramount is reportedly planning to do something similar here—though it should rename the project An Alligator Place if it really wants a shot at replicating the other movie’s popularity.


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