Although Sam Raimi already has some 22 projects listed as “in development” at IMDB—including that Wizard Of Oz prequel, his long-in-the-making World Of Warcraft movie, and the Evil Dead sequel he’s been teasing for over two years now—he apparently has zero reservations about throwing an adaptation of the recent graphic novel Earp: Saints For Sinners on that ever-expanding to-do pile. The film is pitched as a sci-fi retelling of the classic story of Wyatt Earp, set in a futuristic world where America has collapsed into financial chaos and reverted to a Wild West state of lawlessness. According to Heat Vision, Raimi will take on Earp after he finishes his “next project,” which it optimistically lists as Oz, The Great And Powerful. But you know, it’s early yet; Raimi has time to “sign on” to at least two or three more projects before we call it a day.