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Sam Esmail predicts “4 or 5 seasons” for Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

Barring some kind of massive cyber-attack that brings the world’s economy to its knees and opens the door for a evil army of Chinese hackers to (possibly) seize control of the United States, USA is set to air the season finale of Mr. Robot next week. Unfortunately for the fans who are hoping that the episode will solve all of the mysteries and finally give Elliot and Angela the freedom to go fall in love and watch Back To The Future Part II, though, series creator Sam Esmail actually has plans that go quite a bit beyond next week.

Speaking at an event celebrating Emmy nominees who are up for writing awards, Esmail said that his original plan was for Mr. Robot to be a feature film, and because of that, he has a general idea of where the show is going and how it’ll end. Specifically, he thinks it’ll take “about four or five seasons” to get to that ending, but that probably depends on what USA wants to do. Assuming the show is as popular with normal people as it is with internet users who love to obsessively pick apart TV shows in hopes of finding more fuel for their fan theories, Mr. Robot might end up finding itself in a Game Of Thrones-like situation where the network wants it to last forever and the people making it just want to stop.


[via Variety]

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