(Photo: Getty Images, Paul Archuleta)

According to Deadline, Sam Elliott is set to star in a movie with an terrific title and a terrific premise. It’s called The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, and naturally it’s about a “legendary American war veteran” who must get back into the assassination game decades after killing Adolf Hitler during WWII. This time, though, his target happens to be Bigfoot, as the supposedly mythological beast happens to be carrying a deadly plague and is loose in the Canadian wilderness. The project is being executive produced by John Sayles, and it will be the feature directorial debut of Robert Krzykowski (who also wrote the screenplay).

Once again, just because it’s worth underlining, the movie is called The Man who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, it stars Sam Elliott, and it’s about a man who killed Hitler and now has to kill Bigfoot. Basically, the only bad part about this is that the movie hasn’t been made yet, and principal photography isn’t scheduled to begin until August.