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Sam Elliott is returning to Parks And Recreation

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Earlier this season, grizzled, mustachioed badass Sam Elliott ambled onto the set of Parks And Recreation as Ron Dunn, Ron Swanson’s doppelganger from Eagleton, and blew people’s minds with his casual quoting of Morrissey lyrics. In addition to being so awesome as to make even Nick Offerman feel like less than a man, Elliott also charmed the show’s executive producer, Michael Schur, who confirmed to The A.V. Club during the Television Critics Association press tour that Elliott will be returning to Pawnee in the very near future.


Less an exclusive scoop than Schur simply not remembering whether the news was already out there or not—“But if it isn’t, there you go”—Schur said he was, obviously, very excited about Elliott’s return. “I mean, of course I’m excited,” he said. “It means that I get to call Sam Elliott up and hear that voice on the other end of the phone again.” Although he wasn’t able to offer a definitive date, Schur confirmed that Ron Dunn’s reappearance would take place before the end of the current season, saying it would happen “I think around Episode 19.”

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