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Sam Bee gets nasty about GOP bigotry, even as a transgender candidate takes the high road

Samantha Bee
Screenshot: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

On a day where some MAGA moron attempted murderer put out a thankfully inept hit on literally every one of Donald Trump’s favorite vilified Democrats and number one news target CNN, Samantha Bee was a little fired up. On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Bee spent some time on Trump’s cut-and-paste clip job of a presidential tweet about the issue, the supposed leader of the free world’s long history of inciting violence against the very people someone tried to blow up, and the fact that Fox News Freud-tweeted the phrase “white power” when reporting on the story. But much of the show was spent digging into the week’s other big, stinky, bigoted Trump action of the week, as Bee and correspondent Ashley Nicole Black examined how the administration’s latest assault on the transgender community has galvanized the LGBTQI and cis communities in a determined effort to send crusty old GOP bigots in Washington and around the country packing their too-tight underpants.

As Bee noted, despite a campaign promise to protect the LGBTQ community (which Trump pronounced like a very small child trying and failing to spell the phrase “LEGO blocks”), Donald Trump started attacking trans people literally the first moment he sat his fat ass down in the Oval Office. From schools, to the workplace, to the military, to prisons, the Trump administration sought to undermine trans rights at every turn. “That’s pretty much all the places,” exclaimed Bee, before launching into a no-doubt cathartic series of elegantly nasty personal attacks against the “dumpo” “flesh sac of coins, gunk, and porn DVDs” who, if he ever engaged in any self-reflection whatsoever “would disintegrate into a pile of dry dusty cum.” Noting that Republicans seem to have trouble differentiating between sexual identity and “that sloshy thing your wife hates doing with you,” Bee concluded that it was time for cis people to step up and join the more than 400 LGBTQI candidates running for office to smack down the rising tide of anti-trans bigotry swamping the country since Donald Trump was let into the White House.

While Bee was busy ripping Donald Trump’s flesh sac a new one, Full Frontal correspondent Black took a trip to Vermont, where Christine Hallquist is running to become the nation’s first openly transgender woman governor. Spoiling for a fight and looking for a fiery trans woman to star in an Oscar-bait biopic she’s been kicking around, Black was disappointed to find that former CEO and Democratic nominee Hallquist is more concerned with getting her state some decent broadband internet, that the overwhelmingly white people of Vermont Black talked to don’t seem all that interested in Hallquist’s gender identity (they really just want decent internet), and that even Hallquist’s Republican opponent isn’t the sort of trans-bashing, genital-obsessed dipshit favored by the modern GOP. As the pragmatic Hallquist noted, to the hyped-up Black’s chagrin, “We don’t need heroes, we need people who are willing to get down and do the dirty work.”


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