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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Salt Lake City will get to see emThe Playboy Club/em after all

After being rejected by Salt Lake City’s Mormon-owned NBC affiliate for its wanton depiction of cleavage and its implicit promotion of pornography, The Playboy Club has found a new home on MyNetworkTV, whose local KMYU station will pick up the show in its regular Monday night slot this fall. In announcing the acquisition, KMYU general manager Steve Carlston said he was pleased that “this highly anticipated crime drama will now have the opportunity to be seen by the viewers throughout” the Salt Lake City market, which is exactly the sort of thing Satan would say. But no, KMYU—primarily a repository for reruns of Law And Order: Criminal Intent, Burn Notice, and Without A Trace—is calling the show a “crime drama,” based on the fact that Eddie Cibrian’s character is a former mobster. In other words, they’re picking up The Playboy Club for the articles. Sure. Tell it to God and his American-born latter-day prophets, KMYU.


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