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Salt Bae returns to Instagram with sexy meat propeller

Photo: Instagram/@nusr_et

If you poll chefs and culinary educators, they’ll tell you the least efficient way to break down a piece of beef is attaching the meat to a rotor and slicing it while it propels midair.

But if you’re Nusret Gokce, the Turkish chef who seduced Instagram users with his toe-curling application of sea salt to steak and earned the nickname Salt Bae, culinary practicality plays second fiddle to culinary sex appeal.


Gokce is currently in New York as he prepares the opening of his Nusr-Et steakhouse. In this tantalizing and wholly unnecessary new Instagram video, he shows off the most dangerously sensual way to cut a piece of steak and simultaneously have it land—we’re sure with no camera tricks or retakes—squarely onto a flamed grill.

And then, as the code of minor celebrities states you must recite your catchphrase, Gokce slices, spreads, and salts his steak, and somewhere a saxophone begins playing Kenny G’s “Songbird.”

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