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Putting Michael Showalter’s name on a movie doesn’t give it the same cultural cachet as Steven Spielberg’s or Spike Lee’s, but that’s only because there’s no justice in this cruel, cruel world. Still, though, Showalter hasn’t directed a film since 2005’s romantic-comedy-with-a-twist The Baxter (though he did write David Wain’s upcoming Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler comedy, They Came Together) so it’s worth celebrating that he’s working on a new film.


Also worth celebrating is that Oscar-winner Sally Field has signed on to star in said film, Hello My Name Is Doris. Showalter also co-wrote the movie, along with newcomer Laura Terruso, who adapted it from a short film she created called Doris And The Intern. As reported by Deadline, Field will play Doris, a woman who becomes involved in “the local hipster social scene” after getting romantically involved with a younger man. She’ll be joining New Girl’s Max Greenfield—who we previously reported would not play Doris—and 2 Broke Girls’ Beth Behrs—who will also not play Doris, since that’s who Sally Field is playing. Presumably the rest of the cast will also come from TV shows that have “girl” in the title, so Lauren Graham and Betty White should wait by their phones, just in case.

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