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Taking to his natural habitat like the glowing cartoon shark to the obviously artificial sea, director Wes Anderson is setting sail June 13 on a Wes Anderson cruise, joining passengers aboard the Queen Mary 2 to celebrate the ship’s 10th anniversary by encouraging them to stay inside it watching movies. Anderson will don his kickiest tweed trunks and most whimsical rash guard to spend several days of fun in avoiding the sun alongside Grand Budapest Hotel stars Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzmann, as well as his frequent collaborator Roman Coppola (who just wanted to go on a cruise, apparently). There they’ll present a special screening of Grand Budapest alongside unspecified “other” films (The Life Aquatic seems like an obvious choice), to be followed by a Q&A session and—if past cruise itineraries are any indication—Anderson hosting a nightly Wet Corduroy contest.


The Wes Anderson cruise is a seven-day transatlantic voyage, though it’s expected to take just several seconds to complete by drawing a cartoon line on a vintage map.    

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