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Safe House sequel to reignite the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds chemistry that has so engulfed the nation

The explosive chemistry between Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds that continues to blanket the heartland in flames, crews working in shifts through the night to put it out, only to be felled by third-degree burns and smoke inhalation, their grieving families somberly presented with symbolically charred American flags with the deepest apologies of Universal Studios—that toxic wildfire will rage on with a sequel to this year's Safe House, which first put Washington's simmering heat in such dangerous proximity to Reynolds' oxidizer. The Hollywood Reporter says screenwriter David Guggenheim has been asked to script Even Safer House (or whatever), which Universal hopes will once again star Reynolds and Washington, even though [vague spoiler alert] the events of the first film would seem to make that impossible. However, Sa2e Hou2e: The Legend Of Curly's House (or blahtever) may work around that inconvenience by being a prequel, perhaps one that finds Washington's older rogue agent really getting inside the head of Reynolds' younger agent even earlier in the timeline, perhaps by digitally superimposing Reynolds' head on a fetus. Basically, whatever it takes to contain the Reynolds/Washington chemistry that has claimed so, so many lives.


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