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Sadly, the live-action Dora The Explorer movie doesn't look weird at all

We’ve been skeptical of the live-action Dora The Explorer movie ever since we heard that it would be produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes label, and our hesitance to accept that this is a real thing has simply gotten stronger and stronger with the announcement that Benicio Del Toro would play the villainous Swiper and the recent reveal that Danny Trejo will be playing the monkey Boots. Luckily, now that the first trailer for Dora And The Lost City Of Gold has been released, we can comfortably say that there is absolutely nothing shocking or surprising about any of this. It’s as much of a paint-by-numbers adaptation of a kids show as possible, with Dora being a peppy, naive, fish-out-of-water character in a world of snarky, real-life teens who are too cool for exploring. There’s even a “high school is the real scary jungle adventure!” moment and a Terminator reference that is there so grown-ups can have a good time too.


Basically, anyone who saw the impressive cast and thought this might be a surprisingly cool movie… really should’ve known better. Also, there’s no sign of Platinum Dunes in this trailer, so maybe Michael Bay’s involvement has been overstated. Either way, College Humor’s Dora still looks like a better movie.

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