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Saddle up for a new season of BoJack Horseman this September

BoJack Horseman
Image: Netflix

Just nine months after the end of season four, we now know the premiere date for BoJack Horseman’s fifth season. And it’s all thanks to a tenacious Twitter user—that, and Netflix’s nimble marketing strategy.


Right after BoJack posted that the show would return on September 14, the streaming platform rolled out the official press release, complete with the header image you see above. This season-five still raises all kinds of questions, like who shot BoJack and why? (The answer to the second question is probably “for being BoJack,” but we’re open to hearing other theories.) The image is also devoid of series regulars other than BoJack, which, considering the noir-ish look of the scene, could mean BoJack will go off on a Dreamland detour. We’ll have to wait until September 14 to find out.

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