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Sad supercut promises tears and delivers

(Screenshot: E.T.)

If you’re in need of a cathartic moment, the guys at Burger Fiction are here to help. They’ve pulled together a new supercut video—jokingly promoted as “sponsored by Kleenex Brand Facial Tissues”—just to make you cry.

Right from the start, the supercut spares no one, with the self-sacrifice of The Iron Giant, to Tom Hanks in multiple appearances (the man knows how to inspire a tear, and shed a few himself), to Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler in Armageddon, to an honestly Oscar-worthy Owen Wilson in Marley & Me.


Almost every scene featured in the video is a goodbye of sorts. E.T. leaving Elliott to return home. Rose finally releasing Jack into the Atlantic. Other scenes are more nuanced and subtle explorations of sadness. Jessica Chastain’s Murph in Interstellar weeping to a void that a small part of her still believes is her father. Will Hunting (Matt Damon), after a difficult session with his therapist (Robin Williams), collapsing in tears at the realization and acceptance of his own tragic circumstances.

The video ends on a triumphant note with a scene from Lord Of the Rings: Return Of The King. A little fast-forward never hurt anyone.

[via Laughing Squid]

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