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Sad Futurama dog to become much less sad with addition of Seth MacFarlane's voice

Over the years, the “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama has developed a reputation as one of the saddest moments in cartoon history, if not the history of entertainment as a whole. Recently, the mere whisper of a return from Fry’s incredibly loyal dog Seymour in the trailer for the show’s upcoming final season was enough to send fans scurrying, unable to face the heartbreak of losing him all over again. But what if Seymour were voiced by Seth MacFarlane, as Entertainment Weekly reports he will be? Why, then your heart would be safe from breaking, swaddled as it is in MacFarlane’s velvety baritone! And so, thanks to recently enacted federal regulations stipulating that all animated shows must contain a requisite amount of MacFarlane, Seymour will have his “first and only spoken dialogue” in an Aug. 14 episode that takes place solely in Fry’s dreams. And much like in your own dreams, Seymour will now just be one of Seth MacFarlane’s fun, martini-swilling talking dogs, so everybody can chin up.


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