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Sacha Baron Cohen will also have fun with slaves in Django Unchained

Ensuring with each passing day that Django Unchained will basically be the Cannonball Run of slave-torturing movies, Quentin Tarantino has filled yet another minor role with a familiar face. Variety reports he’s entered talks with Sacha Baron Cohen to play the gambler who purchases the recently cast Kerry Washington as his companion, thus angering the already-pretty-angry freed slave played by Jamie Foxx. It’s the second story we’ve heard this week of a comic actor being pursued to add some hint of levity to the proceedings, what with Jonah Hill recently revealing that he’d been forced to turn down an unspecified part. Reportedly, Cohen was yet another actor that Tarantino specifically had in mind, as he was always “very particular on who he wanted to play it.” And then he saw that old video of Borat trying to buy a slave and said aloud, “That’s it!” followed by a bunch of unrelated stuff about an old Baretta episode and an obscure rockabilly band.

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