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Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly doing an Ali G-style talk/prank show for Showtime

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As hinted at by an enigmatic, Trump-poking video he released yesterday morning, it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is officially getting back into the TV provocateur business. Variety reports that Cohen—the mastermind behind Borat, Bruno, and Ali G (and, uh, The Brothers Grimsby)—has signed up for a new interview series with Showtime in the style of some of his most famous work.


Details on the new series are understandably light, given the clandestine nature of Cohen’s brand of comedy. But he’s already supposedly shot and assembled at least two episodes of the series, at least one of which might possibly be related to material he filmed with O.J. Simpson back in February. (Never let it be said that Cohen has lost his taste for the grotesque.) And that’s all we know at the moment, although we have to assume that there are certain unpleasant famous people out there somewhere in the world right now who are desperately thinking back on a recent weird interview, and wondering who the hell they might actually have been talking to.

The comedian’s last regular TV gig in this vein was Da Ali G Show, which went off the air on HBO in 2004. (Meanwhile, 2006's Borat simultaneously made him one of the biggest comedy stars on the planet, and more or less ruined his ability to trick people into saying stupid shit with the help of a ridiculous character.) Meanwhile, Cohen’s also currently working on a non-comedic drama miniseries, The Spy, for Netflix.

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