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Having previously transposed Ali G into fictionalized form with Ali G Indahouse, and basically done so with Borat's blithely ignorant foreigner shtick on The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen is now doing the same for the homosexuality hijinks of Bruno with his new scripted comedy The Lesbian. Paramount is currently developing the film about a man who offers a $65 million reward to any man who can marry and thus convert his lesbian daughter, a premise based on the real-life story of Dick Cheney Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao. It's being pitched as a potential starring vehicle for Cohen, who would play the Asian man, or perhaps the lesbian daughter, or perhaps the guy who pursues her, or perhaps all of them, but he will definitely be playing the guy starring in numerous thinkpieces about whether his satire of homophobia is every bit as bad as actual homophobia. (Also, "Lesbians—is niiiice" jokes.)

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