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Photo: Diyah Pera (Netflix)

Good news for anyone feeling insufficiently chilled on this fine December day: Sabrina Spellman’s got your back, and none too soon. Netflix announced today that everyone’s favorite teen witch will be returning to online TV next month, confirming that the third season (part, batch, whatever, these distinctions get more nebulous by the day) of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina will arrive on the streaming service on January 24, 2020.


Fans of the series will know that things have not gotten any easier for Sabrina in her most recent run of episodes (which debuted on the service back in April , what with facing off directly against Lucifer, her proposed Satanic daddy-husband himself. Now she’s apparently got to contend with an uppity (and handsome, natch) Prince Of Hell getting all up in her business, even as a crew of supernatural carnival folk make a move on her more earthly home town. What is a girl/incipient Queen Of Hell to do?

Chilling Adventures stars Kiernan Shipka in the title role; the show originally debuted back in October of last year.

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