Vampire Weekend has drawn the ire of the world’s most vicious automobile lovers after burning two 900-series Saabs. Some Swedish car enthusiasts are up in arms after finding out the band torched two old, but still-functioning used Saabs for its “Diane Young” promo video. While the band says it tried to purchase cheap cars with electrical problems and swears it respects the Saab brand, one Jalopnik blogger called the band “a bunch of dicks,” insisting that the cars were in good running order and that their previous owners weren’t aware of the fiery fate of their little moto-pals.

Saab filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and hasn’t produced any cars since. However, the company’s name and brand was purchased in 2012 by Chinese-Japanese company National Electric Vehicle Sweden, who plans to start producing purely electronic vehicles under the Saab name in 2014.