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RZA to make directorial debut on The Man With Iron Fists

According to an exclusive report from Deadline.com, Wu-Tang mastermind RZA is said to be close to finalizing a deal with Universal that will allow him to finally realize all his kung-fu dreams. Eli Roth says he helped RZA write the screenplay for and will co-produce The Man With Iron Fists, the tale of a blacksmith in feudal China who provides weapons to the inhabitants of a village so they can defend themselves—a story Roth characterizes as combining “kung fu with a Spaghetti Western mindset and a hip-hop influence.” The film begins shooting this September in Hong Kong, and in addition to overseeing the script, providing the soundtrack, and starring, RZA will also bring the motherfucking ruckus to the director’s chair. Then he'll move on to post-production, where he will proceed to rip that ADR looping hardcore, like porno-flick bitches.


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