Although recent reports and hallucinations had you convinced that RZA would next direct a movie about a hit man and a happy blue horse saving Christmas and that you could fly, The Hollywood Reporter has news that will bring you crashing back to earth. The Wu-Tang dictator has signed on to the thriller No Man's Land and a biopic of Genghis Khan as his most immediate projects following The Man With The Iron Fists, neither of which will have talking horses in them. No Man's Land, likely to be the first one he'll direct, is described as having "echoes of The Warriors" in its tale of a man who steals a diamond from a criminal and outruns him with the help of a dancer, so that's probably enough to catch at least a minor buzz. But the John Milius-scripted Genghis Khan promises to be a straight story about the ruthless Mongolian warrior, with the trippiest thing about it being that it was once meant to star Mickey Rourke, and Mickey Rourke thought it was about how both he and Genghis Khan really loved dogs. Hopefully RZA will announce that Rourke and his chihuahua have joined the cast pretty soon, because we're totally losing our high here.