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RZA says Wu-Tang Clan could reunite as early as next year, as long as he's allowed be the dictator

With the 20th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) quickly approaching, The New York Times thought to ask the RZA what exactly it would take to get the whole Clan back together again (minus the late ODB, of course). Turns out it wouldn't take that much: RZA told the paper that the group will probably reunite next year around the record to “properly, professional represent our brand,” which in this case means showing up on time for interviews and concerts and studio sessions. The rapper says in the past, the group’s been prone to flakiness and “organized confusion,” but that maybe with age, they can figure their shit out.

All this would be under one condition, of course: The RZA must organize and run the whole show. He told The Times that the group’s greatest success came when he had control, saying,

“I was given total autonomy to do whatever I want with them. If you listen to “Protect Ya Neck,” and U-God has four lines, not because he only wrote four lines — because I was able to take out everything else and just keep those four lines without him saying, “Yo, why I only got four lines?” They agreed, to me, to be a dictator for five years. And in those five years, it’s considered some of our best work. The work continued on, with Wu-Tang Forever, but that was the first democratic album. And then after that, it kept getting more and more — “Well, it’s your album, what do you want to do? You want to hire P. Diddy? Whatever you want to do, help yourself. It’s your [thing].” When before it was like, “No, no — it’s what I say.”


Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was released Nov. 9, 1993, so the group has until Nov. 9, 2013 to figure out how this whole thing would work—in theory, at least.

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