(Photo: Getty Images/Redferns, Stefan Hoederath)

It was impossible to miss the hip-hop influence in Marvel’s Luke Cage series on Netflix, with every episode taking its title from a Gang Starr song and Method Man making a cameo appearance as himself. But that’s not going to be the end of Marvel’s hip-hop nods: In a Facebook Q&A, Finn Jones, star of Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist series, revealed that RZA actually directed one of his show’s episodes. RZA is a noted fan of kung fu movies, and previously directed and starred in the coincidentally titled The Man With The Iron Fists back in 2012.

RZA’s episode is the sixth in the show’s first season, and Screen Crush says it will be titled “Immortal Emerges From Cave.” That’s some weird syntax that doesn’t tell us anything, but we can guess that the episode will feature Jones’ Immortal Iron Fist coming out of a literal and/or figurative cave.


The Facebook chat also teases some version of the original Iron Fist costume from the comics, but Jones panics a bit before saying too much. We’ll know either way when Iron Fist premieres on Netflix on March 17.