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RZA confirms he and GZA are working on Liquid Swords 2

Fans of GZA gave the man his lifetime pass for 1995’s Liquid Swords—not only considered one of the best Wu-Tang solo releases, but one of the best hip-hop records of all time—and while his records since tend to be unfairly underrated in its shadow, there’s no denying that most would trade a million Pro Tools for the prospect of another record that sounded like Liquid Swords. Now RZA has confirmed that he and his Coffee And Cigarettes pal-who-is-not-Bill Murray are indeed pairing up again for a sequel due out this fall. The announcement, posted to RZA’s Twitter feed, asks, “IT'S TRUE: "LIQUID SWORDS 2" PRODUCED BY THE ABBOT RZA COMING FALL 2010. WHO'S READY FOR THE WU? BONG BONG.” (As your friendly neighborhood etymologist can tell you, “bong bong” is a phrase expressing faith and certainty—a synonym for “yes, absolutely,” say, or as Urban Dictionary puts it, a recognition of “quality in something or someone.” Try using it around the office today.) Considering the strength of Only Built For Cuban Linx… Pt. II, the idea of a Liquid Swords follow-up is one sequel we can get behind.

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