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Ryan Reynolds takes on Honest Trailers in the Honest Trailer for Deadpool 2

Boy, the Honest Trailers gang really stepped in it this time, huh? They thought they could make a video poking fun at Deadpool 2, a movie about a superhero who isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall and make rude comments, without incurring the wrath of Deadpool himself? Unfortunately for them, Deadpool actually showed up during the recording of the latest Honest Trailers video, and he’s bringing down the whole Honest Trailers enterprise with some classic Deadpool humor.

Actually, Ryan Reynolds just appears in the newest Honest Trailers video as Deadpool, and he gives regular narrator Jon Bailey a taste of his own medicine with a takedown of the typical gags and lazy jokes that often end up in these videos. It’s some good meta fun, and it’s a nice, tongue-in-cheek takedown of the sort of “we hate this popular thing” bullshit that is everywhere on YouTube these days—even if Honest Trailers isn’t as bad as CinemaSins, which has always been the worst.

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