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Ryan Reynolds spoils Deadpool 2 in extremely sarcastic letter asking you not to spoil Deadpool 2

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(Spoilers for Infinity War and maybe Deadpool 2 below. Probably not Deadpool 2, but maybe.)


For fans and creators alike, the war against spoilers requires constant vigilance. That’s doubly true when your movie ends with a big universe-altering event like, say, half of your heroes disintegrating into dust. So, we can’t hold it against the Russo Brothers for building a whole campaign around begging their fans to not spoil Infinity War for anyone else. Similarly, we can’t hold it against the makers of Deadpool 2 for mocking them for it. That’s just what Deadpool does.


In a recent tweet, Ryan Reynolds shared a letter from Deadpool himself that’s a direct parody of a letter the Russo’s posted (and then deleted) last month, in which he implores “the greaterest fans in the whole universe” to not “say a fucking word about the fun shit in [Deadpool 2].” Given all the hard work everyone involved with the film has done to maintain “the highest level of super secrets,” it would be huge bummer if somebody let slip that “Deadpool dies in this one.”

To add further confusion to whether this is a true spoiler or just a bit, the Merc with a Mouth adds, “Kidding. Not kidding. Kidding?”


Given that every other aspect of Deadpool’s promotion involves taking the piss out of other super hero properties and mocking anyone who treats them with reverence, it’s entirely possible that this is a legit spoiler for the film. Reynolds himself has already alluded to the fact that there probably won’t be a Deadpool 3, but rather an X Force movie, which may or may not feature Deadpool himself. Then again, Deadpool is notorious for his goofs and this is more than likely just one of those said goofs. So, consider yourself goofed.

Unless he’s not kidding. In which case, RIP Deadpool. But, please, no spoilers.

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