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The dance of freedom. The death bells. The rise of the Joker’s box office returns.

Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philips’ comic-book-but-not-too-comic-book ode to clowns wot kills passed a new milestone this week, becoming the most successful R-rated movie of all time. (Take that, The Passion Of The Christ!) Said landmark moment in the history of movies that say “Fuck” was commemorated in fitting fashion this weekend by the previous record holder, Ryan Reynolds, who formerly commanded the prestigious position with his work on Deadpool 2.


And while there’s a part of us that really has to raise an eyebrow at “mother f*cker” being used in this particular context, we get that Reynolds is running a vaguely family-friendly account. (We wouldn’t want Detective Pikachu to see this, right?) We’re mostly just amused by the list of other former record holders Reynolds also listed in his message, in so far as thinking about Pennywise, Jesus, Christian Grey, and Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed teddy bear Ted all sitting around, swapping small talk and sipping tea, is a pretty delightful mental image.

Joker is currently sitting at $776 million at the worldwide box office—not too shabby, considering that it didn’t even get a Chinese release. It’s won the last three weekends at the U.S. box office, and is currently battling it out with Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil in hopes of scoring victory number four.

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