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If nothing else, Deadpool promises to be unlike the current bumper crop of risk-averse Marvel movies. Ryan Reynolds has been working overtime to promote the character, even though he already played a neutered Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Van Wildered his way through a terrible Green Lantern movie. Arguably, those misfires weren’t his fault, and he genuinely appears to treating the “merc with a mouth” as a passion project.


To this end, Reynolds made an appearance at a playground dressed as Deadpool on Halloween, trying to join forces with the X-Men (although, for a superhero who breaks the fourth wall often enough to read his own comics, he probably should have started with X-Force). Basically, it was an excuse for Deadpool to verbally abuse some costumed kids. He immediately declares that this new team “fucking sucks,” and Cyclops, a.k.a. “Ray-Ban,” is informed that shooting laser beams is “the stupidest fucking power.” The kids take it all in stride (as they were probably instructed to do by the director), even when Deadpool rebukes Storm’s powers by skeptically asking, “You control the weather… like Al Roker?”

As with any skit that involves swearing at or near children, it’s pretty cute. Expect Wade Wilson to have harsh rejoinders for children—and everybody else within earshot—when Deadpool snarks into theaters February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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