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Ryan Reynolds, celebrity troll, has "leaked" Detective Pikachu on YouTube

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There are good and bad forms of internet trolling. The kind of people who act like assholes in comments sections are a net negative on humanity, but those who tell you—especially now, years after it’s no longer expected—about a great video to watch that ends up leading to Rick Astley singing his one Rick Astley hit, bring sunshine to the hellish expanse of life in the digital age.

Further to this thought, and for absolutely no reason in particular, we suggest watching this very legitimate, newly leaked Detective Pikachu screener.

The voice of Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds, tweeted out the link to the video last night, letting the internet know that the Pokémon film was available in its entirety online.


It begins convincingly enough, rolling titles and an opening scene from the movie watermarked with the actor’s name. Then, in realization of one of the only good viral advertising decisions in years, the video shifts to a grainy clip of Pikachu, deerstalker set between a pair of fuzzy rabbit ears, performing an aerobics routine to a hypnotic synth loop. It continues for the runtime of an entire feature film.

Far from being upset, the video has been received as the gift it is.


There’s nothing wrong with nearly two hours of an adorable CGI rat creature throwing its uncannily soft-looking limbs around in time to a throwback beat. Everyone, no matter what they expected of Reynolds’ link, should be able to find delight in Pikachu’s furry little cat belly wiggling as his paws fling outward in jumping jacks and running man jogs.

Troll or not, the dancing creature is a celebration of the filmmakers’ hard work animating such a dangerously cute computer thing. It isn’t easy to craft a creature likable enough to star in this kind of video. If you don’t believe us, perhaps think about well this same idea would work if Pikachu was replaced with CGI Sonic, gnashing his human teeth and swinging his horrifyingly muscle-y blue body around in a mockery of dance for hours on end.


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