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Ryan Murphy to keep earning his Netflix checks with Chorus Line series and Andy Warhol documentary

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After getting a truck full of money from Netflix, some TV creators would embrace the opportunity to stop trying so hard and just throw some spaghetti at the wall. If something sticks, good. If not, the truck is still in the driveway and most of the money hasn’t blown away. That’s not what Ryan Murphy is doing, though—or at least, that’s not what it seems like he’s doing. Maybe this is just what Ryan Murphy’s spaghetti looks like? Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter says Murphy has announced a handful of new projects as part of a big Time feature, including a 10-episode adaptation of A Chorus Line, a “limited drama” about fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick—a.k.a. Halston—with Ewan McGregor set to star, a 10-part documentary series about Andy Warhol, a TV show or movie about Marlene Dietrich in Vegas in the ‘60s with Jessica Lange, and another documentary called A Secret Love that’s about a real-life closeted lesbian couple who came out in their 80s.


That is so many things, so maybe this really is just Ryan Murphy throwing spaghetti at the wall to justify getting so much money from Netflix. Thankfully, Ryan Murphy’s projects tend to have a certain level of quality, or at least a level of… confidence, so for all we know he actually believes in all of these things and actually thinks they’ll be worthwhile. Of course, Ryan Murphy is the guy who brought us the very good American Crime Story and the sometimes good but typically bad American Horror Story, so this could go either way.

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