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Ryan Murphy teases that the next American Horror Story season is about bees

Bee Movie

Recently, in what can only be described as a gift to everyone who likes to quote Arrested Development, share funny Oprah gifs, or reference hot memes based on Jerry Seinfeld movies, Ryan Murphy has shared a teaser that seems to indicate that the next season of American Horror Story will have something to do with bees. Murphy posted his teaser on Instagram, and it includes a person covered in bees with a caption indicating that it’s some sort of “clue” for next week’s real reveal of the season seven title for American Horror Story:


Granted, American Horror Story have some kind of bee-related season is only the most obvious guess, as Murphy’s tease could actually be about B-movies or stinging. Also, he says this is a clue for the title, not necessarily for the theme, so even if it’s American Horror Story: Covered In Bees, it won’t necessarily be about someone who is covered in bees. We do know that the season will involve the presidential election in some way, which didn’t involve a lot of bees, but maybe the American Horror Story take on it will involve politicians who are actually bee monsters. (Not to be confused with real life, where many politicians are just regular monsters.)

[via Vulture]

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