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Ryan Murphy says the next American Horror Story is all about the ladies

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For those who lamented the lack of man ass on this season of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy has more potentially disappointing news for you: The anthology series’ third season will be all about “female power,” revolving around the “really glamour-cat sort of lady” played by returning cast member Jessica Lange, which certainly suggests a marginalization for man asses and the actors attached to them. Truly, the ass patriarchy has crumbled. Anyway, while once again being mum on details, at least until the months leading up to his spoiling just about everything, Murphy did confirm that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson would also be back, and told reporters he’d like to do something “lighter” and “a little bit more fun” next time, compared to the drab, kitchen-sink drama of demon-possessed nuns, mutant-making Nazi doctors, and serial killer Santas that was Asylum.


That means he’s interested in exploring a “horror romance” set in modern times—though it will still jump between eras and locations, and Murphy teases that the season will also concern something “historical in nature.” Many fans have already used the hints in interviews such as these, as well as the “clue” Murphy said he dropped in a recent episode, to extrapolate theories that next year will be all about witches and/or voodoo, possibly taking place in New Orleans. Or perhaps it involves Jessica Lange’s fancy cat lady horror-romancing the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. That would be historical in nature. You’d never see that coming.

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