Having all but exhausted any lingering mystery about the second season of American Horror Story through endless casting reports, plot and character descriptions, and doing everything short of acting it out with puppets, Ryan Murphy has once more spelled it out for you with the show's new subtitle. When it premieres in October, the next chapter of the anthology series will now be called American Horror Story: Asylum, both because it takes place in an insane asylum and for other, metaphorical reasons: "We picked Asylum because it not only describes the setting—an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange’s character which was formerly a tuberculosis ward—but also signifies a place of haven for the unloved and the unwanted," Murphy said in an FX press release explaining why he didn't call it Crazy Person Feelings Club. He also added, "This year’s theme is about sanity and tackling real life horrors,” which builds on earlier statements he's made saying that there won't be any ghosts on the next installment of the show, sexy or otherwise. Anyway, yes, you can now start calling it Ass-ylum.