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Ryan Murphy is making an American Horror Story spinoff, whatever that means

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It’s hard to know if Ryan Murphy is bored in quarantine like the rest of us or if he’s just having a normal one: The absurdly prolific television creator/producer hopped on a Zoom call with a bunch of American Horror Story regulars, where—he reveals via Instagram caption accompany screenshot of said Zoom call—that he’s working on a spinoff of the wildly interconnected/extremely convoluted anthology series... though one could argue that each of the 800 character arcs per season serves as a spinoff unto itself. REGARDLESS, Murphy has decreed that this series will be dubbed American Horror Stories (plural! Genius!) and will consist of hour-long “contained” episodes, as if he has suddenly discovered how to Marie Kondo his narratives into something resembling “neat and tidy.”


Although Murphy stopped short of offering any actual details about the new spinoff series, Variety suggests each episode will explore a different ghost story, and will inevitably feature various actors from the Ryan Murphy Nighttime Players troupe. Meanwhile, production on American Horror Story proper has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s unclear how that will impact the premiere date for season 10, which stars Macaulay Culkin—who will have a “crazy, erotic sex” scene with Kathy Bates, according to Murphy.

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