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Ryan Murphy discusses American Horror Story's new location, new time, possible new naked asses

Illustration for article titled Ryan Murphy discusses emAmerican Horror Story/ems new location, new time, possible new naked asses

We’ve been told repeatedly that the next season of American Horror Story will be a radical departure from its first, but in case you are somehow unable to get that through your head—like a man who’s told over and over again that your house is haunted while horrible things continue to happen and bodies stack up around you, yet every time it’s brought up you just furrow your naked ass in confusion—allow creator Ryan Murphy to spell it out for you. The show’s sophomore year will have “not a mention of season one,” and will instead take place during an as-yet-unspecified different time period at an East Coast “institution for the criminally insane” overseen by Jessica Lange, Murphy said during a recent panel presentation. Murphy added that the location was even teased least season, in an offhand comment made by Sarah Paulson’s psychic character regarding “places where evil collects,” so really, you should have figured this out by now.


And as predicted, some of that evil may or may not collect in the vicinity of Adam Levine’s naked ass, about whom Murphy would only say that he’s playing one-half of a male-female couple known as “The Lovers” and, “He’s a sexy guy, so he needs to play a sexy guy,” which definitely seems like a confirmation to us. The roles of returning cast members Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Zachary Quinto have yet to be revealed, meanwhile, though Murphy did drop a strong hint that Quinto will be one of the aforementioned “criminally insane,” which sounds about right. Everything else will be unveiled in due time, though Murphy did add that the second season will be “fun, sexy, and baroque,” suggesting, we dunno, that there will be lots of staircases and crown molding or something.

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