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Ryan Gosling wrote a script where Christina Hendricks works in a fetish club, and she’s actually making it because he’s Ryan Gosling

The recent announcement that Ryan Gosling had written a film in which he planned to direct his Drive co-star Christina Hendricks was all but drowned out by the piercing, yearning squeals for its producers. Fortunately, Vulture found Hendricks in the comparative stillness of Toronto and got some more details on How To Catch A Monster—such as the fact that Gosling apparently pitched her on his noirish fantasy about a surreal underwater world by sending her the script in "this cool box with an interesting little key, and cool artwork in it," as Ryan Gosling likes crafts projects.

He's also reportedly bringing that same attention to detail to crafting the "storyboards and pictures of neighborhoods and homes" that will populate the underground city where Hendricks' two children find adventure, and you don't care about any of this, because Hendricks also said that her character will be working in a "fetish club." Hendricks, of course, does not elaborate on what sort of fetishes she will be catering to in this fetish club (besides Christina Hendricks fetishes), but this revelation confirms that, when you're Ryan Gosling, you can write a screenplay where Christina Hendricks works in a fetish club, and then she'll get excited about it and actually make it.


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