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Ryan Gosling lands Doctor Who's Matt Smith and girlfriend Eva Mendes for his Ryan Gosling movie, just by being Ryan Gosling

Continuing a production method in which Ryan Gosling puts together his directorial debut by simply being Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster has cast two of its lead roles with Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes. “Hey,” Gosling likely said during his pitch meetings to both, perhaps while half-smiling sleepily. “Hi.” Like the audiences at his films, both Smith and Mendes were immediately enthralled, agreeing to sign on to the Gosling-scripted story as quickly as Christina Hendricks agreed to play the lead role of a woman working in a “fetish club”—all of them captivated by Gosling’s ineffable charisma. “Here,” the man of few words but lots of Gosling probably continued, pointing to the screenplay that explained Smith would play the male lead in his fantasy tale about Hendricks and her teenage sons discovering a surreal underwater world, while Mendes would play “a prominent figure of the Big Bad Wolf Club,” whatever that means. “So…,” Gosling explained, arching his eyebrows slightly. “Yeah.”


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