Back in 2013, a young Scottish filmmaker named Ryan McHenry just happened to create a Vine meme. As the name would suggest, “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” involved McHenry holding up spoonfuls of cereal to video clips of Gosling, who—it appeared—was just not that interested in eating said cereal. The results were and are pure gold.

This past Sunday, McHenry died, having recently struggled with osteosarcoma. Fans everywhere mourned, because not only did McHenry create the meme they loved, but he seemed like a good guy. Plus, he was only 27, and that’s far too young to die. Part of that mourning involved an organized fan campaign to actually get Gosling to eat cereal in McHenry’s honor and, last night, the actor obliged. In a video he posted on Twitter, Gosling mows down on some sort of grainy flake, subsequently tweeting that his “heart goes out to all of Ryan McHenry’s family and friends,” saying that he “feel[s] very lucky to have been a part of [McHenry’s] life in some small way.” It’s a classy move, and one that fans have certainly responded to, with both tweets garnering thousands of faves so far.