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Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Lin-Manuel Miranda read mean tweets at the Oscars

(Image: ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel did a bit at the Academy Awards about how uncharacteristically silent Donald Trump was being on social media, but our Troll-In-Chief isn’t the only one who likes to be horribly mean to people over the internet. So, to highlight the important role that assholes on Twitter play in the lives of celebrities, Kimmel put together a special Academy Awards edition of the recurring “Mean Tweets” segment from his Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show.

The clip featured Natalie Portman reading a tweet about how she probably doesn’t eat enough food, Samuel L. Jackson admitting that he has “resting fart face,” Felicity Jones questioning if she and Eddie Redmayne really have “the same face,” and Lin-Manuel Miranda realizing that he has the haircut of a ‘90s NBC sitcom star. Also, never before has someone been so accurately defined by a mean tweet as Mile Teller was in this segment.


You can see the full clip below:

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